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Industry experience - KNET engineers have been performing site surveys, planning deployments, and analyzing existing infrastructures since 2002, when wireless LAN’s burst on the networking scene as an emerging enterprise technology. KNET engineers are committed to an ongoing program of training and certification updates as new and ever increasingly complex standards (802.11n, 802.11ac) are ratified and released. Our site surveys and network designs have been deployed successfully in warehouses, government offices, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, the hotel industry, and general office environments.

About KNET

​​KNET is an experienced solution provider in wireless networking. We assist businesses in designing, implementing, deploying, expanding, repairing, or maintaining a Wi-Fi network. KNET also assists businesses in making the proper decisions concerning the need or benefits of a Wi-Fi network.

AirMagnet 'Surveyor Pro' site survey tool - Our vendor-neutral software-only tool supports all 802.11 access points (including 802.11ac) for verification and planning, deployment, analysis, and reporting of any Wi-Fi network. The tool combines accurate survey results and planning capabilities with state-of-the art visualization and reporting capabilities, and can accurately pinpoint rogue access points and visualize the distance of RF "leak" coverage outside your building. Our software supports multiple different wall material types and antenna types for the best possible calculation of RF signal propagation